Contents Summary

Welcome to the first ever crowd-sourced epic fantasy novel written with reader input on Twitter!

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ChapterTitleStory Arc# of Polls
1IntroductionsGaldren, Selayne, Librarian7
2The Gray MagiGaldren, 6
3The LibraryLibrarian, the Assassin6
4Intervention of the DivineSerabel, Arkath, Deralyn, Galdren9
5To MarketKasta, Michael10
6TorSelayne, Eden, Star Child14
7UniversityLibrarian, Clarine15
8Experts & NovicesJason, Fin, Assassin20
9RuinsGaldren, Arkath, Deralyn13
10JewelleryKasta, Michael12
11New CompanionsStar Child, Tom, Selayne, Eden11
12PursuitsAssassin, Fin, Jason11
13PassageLibrarian, Clarine9
14Borrowing & LendingJason, Fin21
15Reluctant Allies Arkath, Deralyn, Serabel, Birth, Rela16
16Artistry Michael, Kasta, Flint & Bryn12
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